Black Raven IPA ~ Olde Hickory Brewery

Beer Ambassador, LLC


Burnt wood, char, and ash under a minimal khaki head which swirls with a thick collar but no lace.


Dry and burnt. Prunes and dates in the back. Charcoal, burnt wood, and burnt toast in the back – ashy. Candied apples in the middle. Scorched earth.


Medium-light weight with an acrid ashen parching finish. Pine trees and bark in the middle with a hint of mint in the breath. Fernery and shrubbery also in the middle. Coffee notes along the sides. Burnt caramel and ash on the very back of my tongue. Meaty prunes underneath.

Final Thoughts:

The nose didn’t inspire but the palate on the other hand was quite tasty. This is our first beer from Olde Hickory and it was a good one, simple but good.


(An original written work by Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.)

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