Windsor Meats & The Meatery: Butcher To Bun Carvery Sandwiches and Craft Beer

This Sandwich, That Beer

DSC_0372As I continued on my recent trek to butcher shop sandwich counters, I found myself in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver at Windsor Meats. Windsor Meats has been a popular spot among West and North Vancouver residents since 1948, but it wasn’t until 2004 that their focused shifted to free-range, all-natural, non-medicated, local meat products.DSC_0375DSC_0378DSC_0411They also do house made sausages, have a great selection of deli meats and cheeses and a ton of sauces, oils, dry goods and pasta. On top of that great stuff, earlier this year they opened The Meatery, a butcher to bun carvery sandwich counter right next door with 4 craft beer taps!DSC_0366The Meatery offers five different sandwiches all served on organic ciabatta bread. I  tried halved versions of three of the five and one of their incredible and huge house made sausage rolls with stout mustard. DSC_0382The first sandwich was the hoisin and…

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