the Oktober-Off recap

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Happy first day of October!

It’s my absolute favorite month and I am elated it is here, and not because of the accompanying candy — because of the beer!

Widmer LH

My friends and I tasted seven Oktoberfests in a series of rounds and I am here to present the results! If you didn’t read through any of the rounds, consider this a summary.

In Victory v Shiner, Victory was a clear winner. Between Widmer and Left Hand, the close match up went to Left Hand. Finally, Brooklyn bested Central Waters with the bonus beer, Sam Adams, falling somewhere in between the two.

Each beer had its own merit, though, so if you are looking for specifics, read on!

Victory FestBest Oktoberfest was a tie between Brooklyn and Left Hand. The Brooklyn seemed somewhat more true to style but the Left Hand offered some depth without defying the style.

Best Beer…

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