Sniffing and sipping at the Brewhouse

250 Beers

I figured that it was about time I struck a line through something on my beer bucket list; something that has been on there for a while: a visit to Brewhouse Brisbane.

There’s no real reason why I haven’t been before other than it’s geographically out of the way for me.

I decided to rectify my permanent absence by making an appearance at the Brewhouse’s first Sniff and Sip event last Thursday. The near sell-out all-ticket affair gave me the perfect opportunity to check the place out.

Beer HereSniff and Sip is a joint venture between the Brewhouse and Cassie Potts (WhatBeerToDrink) and means what it says. It’s a beer tasting function designed to encourage participants to further explore the senses of smell and taste whilst drinking beer. Last Thursday was all about exploring beers from Beer Here and Edge Brewing Projects.

For those unaware, Beer Here is basically…

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