Tasting Notes: Glastonbury: Golden Chalice

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Golden Chalice

Glastonbury: Golden Chalice (England: Golden Ale: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Hazy orange gold. Thin yellowed bubble head.

Nose: Ground tangerine skin. Passion fruit. Watermelon and seeds. Light bitterness. Not very forceful.

Body: Apricot and moderate hops. Mango. Dried banana. Thick texture.

Finish: Dried banana. Hops, light bitterness. Mango and grapefruit. Slight tartness.

Conclusion: Simple and pleasant were the words that were in my mind for most of my time drinking this. I wasn’t quite sure initially how it was going to hold up as it has a remarkable weak aroma, but that was quickly offset by a sufficiently forthright body to make its mark. The flavour is all dried fruit delivered straight up with enthusiasm if not actual grace. It fills your mouth quickly then dries it as it goes out leaving just this sweet but lightly tart element behind.

There is no subtle edges to it, just bright shining and…

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