Fresh Hoped IPA comparison 2013 (Revisited)

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Last year I did a comparison post between two great Fresh Hopped IPA’s from BC.  In honor of that I have brought both beer back this year for a repeat comparison.  The two beer being compared are as follows: Driftwood Brewing – Sartori harvest IPA and the Phillips Brewing – Green Reaper Fresh Hop IPA (last years review) both out of Victoria BC.


I sampled these two beer side by side out of IPA Glasses.


Unlike last year these two beer poured noticeably different colours this year.  The Phillips Green Reaper poured a dark copper colour with an off white head.  The Sartori Harvest poured a light golden/copper colour with a white head.  Regardless both looked very tasty.

Decision: Tied

The aromas continued with the trend of differences although both were obviously fresh hop IPA not regular IPA’s.  The Green Reaper had aromas of malts, citrus, mild grapefruit…

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Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale & Pumpkinhead

beer and a movie

Hey there, Drinkers

It’s still October (who knew?!) so that means we’re still drinking pumpkin beers and watching horror movies. And in true BAAM form, we’re sipping on a delightful beer from Dogfish Head while watching an awful movie. Truly awful. Like just straight up, not-accidentally funny bad. So let’s get started, shall we?

Now some of you might be familiar with a little movie called Alien (1979) or its sequel Aliens (1986). Oh you’ve heard of them? Good! Because Pumpkinhead (1988) is a terrible version of these movies. Set in rural Appalachia. And not scary. And dumb. And cheap. For real guys, this movie is the poor man’s ripoff of Alien. The poorly-named Pumpkinhead creature (something about the graveyard it comes from?) looks almost exactly like the Xenomorph and even sports the same cicada-like sound. And you know who our kinda sorta protagonist is? It’s BISHOP! FROM ALIENS

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Paradox Beer Company – Deterring Shaman – The Bearded Guard

Sampling Craft

Brewer : Paradox Beer Company
Beer : Deterring Shaman – The Bearded Guard
Official Description : Inspired by the malty French Farmhouse style ales, our limited edition Bearded Guard is brewed with traditional French Ale yeast, and was aged in red wine American Oak barrels for 4 months, then bottle conditioned. This beer will continue to evolve and improve with age. The tart fruitiness from the yeast and sweet maltiness from the grains meld together nicely and can be cellared for years.

Ingredients :
Style : Bière de Garde
ABV : 9.00%

Drinkable :  Fruity and sweet. A little spices in there. Pretty tasty as it warms up.

Buy Again : Paradox hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Why start now.

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Black Raven IPA ~ Olde Hickory Brewery

Beer Ambassador, LLC


Burnt wood, char, and ash under a minimal khaki head which swirls with a thick collar but no lace.


Dry and burnt. Prunes and dates in the back. Charcoal, burnt wood, and burnt toast in the back – ashy. Candied apples in the middle. Scorched earth.


Medium-light weight with an acrid ashen parching finish. Pine trees and bark in the middle with a hint of mint in the breath. Fernery and shrubbery also in the middle. Coffee notes along the sides. Burnt caramel and ash on the very back of my tongue. Meaty prunes underneath.

Final Thoughts:

The nose didn’t inspire but the palate on the other hand was quite tasty. This is our first beer from Olde Hickory and it was a good one, simple but good.


(An original written work by Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.)

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Asian Tart Attack

Asian Tart Attack

New Belgium, like we all know and love, puts out some very fun beers. Not the least of which is their Lips of Faith series. They would describe this set of beers as having, “mystery.” So let me reveal why this beer, their Tart Lychee manifests beer glory.

(Warning: Shameless Self Promotion) And now for the explainabrag: I lived in Asia, the home of the fruit called Lychee. They are little red cookie dough sized prickly balls with a clear and white orange type of fruit in the middle. And they are delicious. You see people, because they are very seasonal, walking around airports with suitcases full of them. And they are grown only in the far east.

Now enter me walking into a bar in Montana 5 years later and seeing “Tart Lychee” on a tap handle. I would call the following emotion a panic attack, but there was too much curiosity involved. But when I sipped the beer, it was as if Buddha himself had come down and imparted a slice of Nirvana onto my tongue. It was marvelous. The tart fruit gushing through the canyon of my taste buds causing a curry like flame in my bowels. Yes I will never forget that.

Will you experience Nirvana, yes. Get this beer.

Until next time, pour proper my friends.

My first Tart Lychee

My first Tart Lychee

Tampa Bay Brew Bus Brewing going to cans

The Jax Beer Guy

Recently, Tampa Bay Brew Bus Brewing separated from their mother company Tampa Bay Brew Bus to better focus and align the two businesses. The beer, brewed at Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing facility, will be canned and distributed throughout Florida.

A release from the brewery president stated:

“Today is the day that we launch Brew Bus Brewing! Formally Tampa Bay Brew Bus Beer, we intend to separate our successful Brew Bus tour program from our craft beer line of cans to allow for further success for both branches of our business.

Our first can release is our Last Stop IPA. This new brand was well received back in August when it was first released in kegs. A recipe by Josh Brengle, lead brewer at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL, this hop bomb is brewed with Magnum, Centennial, Columbus, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Clocking in at 7.2% this…

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The Alchemist Debuts Growler Fills

Beer Served Rare

The Alchemist GrowlersYou want more beer from The Alchemist? You got it. The small Vermont brewery known for Heady Topper announced their growler fill program this week, featuring small batch beers from the old pub (RIP) and a variety of hop-forward American ales. The fun kicks off with Donovan’s Red, “a 6 percent ABV ale, medium bodied and malty with a sufficient presence of hops.”

The details:

  • All growler releases will be announced via social media the day they become available, no advance notice will be given
  • New beers will debut “roughly once a month”
  • Limit 1 growler per person, per visit
  • The Alchemist growlers MUST be used due to their automated filling system
  • $15 for the growler, $12 per fill

Read the full story on The Alchemist blog.

The Alchemist is located at 35 Crossroad in Waterbury.

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