Developing: Dogfish Head challenges Whip In over Namaste Brewing

Bitch Beer

Throughout the Indian subcontinent and beyond, the word namaste may be a respectful greeting, one used to conote well wishes and mutual regard, but today in the craft beer world, it’s wrapped up in a much more American dispute–trademark infringement. According to a Facebook post from Dipak Topiwala of The Whip In, the Austin-based Indian brewpub/craft beer bar/bottle shop has been hit with a trademark cease and desist order from Dogfish Head Brewing. Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.16.14 PM

The issue? The Whip In’s recently created nano brewery, Namaste Brewing, happens to share a name with Dogfish Head’s witbier.

The story has been picked up by Eater Austin, and Austinites on Reddit are pretty upset by what they see as a discernible lack of Namaste happening here.

Meanwhile, in a post on their blog titled “Searching for a friendly solution,” Dogfish Head has stated that they did not send a formal cease and desist

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