Beer Review 0483: Fulton Worthy Adversary Russian Imperial Stout

All The Same Beer


Fulton Beer began with four guys and a one-car garage in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ryan Petz, Brian Hoffman, Pete Grande, and Jim Diley huddled around a turkey fryer burner inside that garage in February 2006, on a -20 degree day, and brewed their first batch, all the while talking about how cool it would be to do it for a living.

A few weeks later, the four men tasted their first beer, and they decided that someday, they would build their own brewery. The next few months saw them rig together a system out of half-barrel kegs and an old bed frame, capable of producing all-grain batches, ten gallons at a time. When space in the one-car garage ran slim, they moved to a two-car unit. The beers got better and better.

Then, in 2009, the “what if” discussions turned into “we could.” At a turning point in his life…

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