Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire – Dark Saison

Bier Battered [.] com

086e7f7a223811e3a2f822000a1f985f_7This is an interesting one.  This was from batch 983 – bottled on 1-3-12 this already has over a year and a half of age on it.

The initial pour left a very thick fluffy white head – like whipped egg whites.  Most of the head faded quickly but it did leave a pretty thick ring around the top of the tulip glass.

Color was a dark chestnut-brown, & the carbonation was mild but present.

I felt like I got a lot of funk out of the nose, some dark cherry, barnyard, & earth.  Taste was very dry, and rather light bodied given its coloring.

Actually, I found that it tasted more like a wild ale than a Saison.  Maybe it was the age of the bottle?

Either way it was an incredibly enjoyable bottle.  and at 4.9% an easy one person drink. Like the bottle says:  Cheers and Mahalo…

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