Brainless on Peaches ~ Epic Brewing Co.

Beer Ambassador, LLC


Pours cloudy with peach hues under a rose-tinged bubbly head which quickly dissipates into a bubbly collar.


I can tell right now that this beer is all about peaches – peach pits, peach skin, peach flesh, peach orchards. Apricots in the middle with equal parts pits, skin, flesh, and orchards. Tickle of oak and spice. Green banana skins in the back. Cardamom and raw ginger. French bread crust, and more peaches.


Beer and peach nectar joined together as one. Sweet juicy peaches and apricots abound. Orange liquor underneath. Apricot and peach creamsicles. Sweet fruity white wine. Bitter tannic peach skins in the back. Ginger and spice and yeast that is reminiscent of the beers of Belgium.

Final Thoughts:

Truly fitting of its name, this beer from Epic Brewing was exquisitely Brainless on Peaches, proving that beer can be brewed with fruit AND taste good. No artificial sweeteners…

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