Tasting Notes: Deanston: 12 Year

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Deanston 12

Deanston: 12 Year (Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky:12 Year:  46.3% ABV)

Visual: Gold

Viscosity: Very slow puckering and crawls down the glass.

Nose: Floral. Menthol. Slight oils. Chocolate lime. Heather. Fudge. Rose petals. Sugar coated chocolate egg shells. Water brings out oak and cashew nuts.

Body: Sweet custard front. Fudge. Noticeable alcohol. Chocolate lime. Oak. Light apricot. Bean stalks. Water makes smoother, but still with energy. Honey, cashew nuts and more apricot.

Finish: Lime sweets. Gin air. Milky chocolate/Choc orange. Water adds apricots with sugar dusting on pastry. Cashews. Slightly oily. Mint. Spiced fruits.

Conclusion:  This is a robust whisky with a good range, not showy or glitzy despite the initial fire it brings but, when water is added, soothing. Even with water it feels sturdy and thick, with a slightly oily feel that lets the flavours seep in and slip over the tongue to coat it.

Now, the terms…

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