Inside Passage Ale (IPA) ~ Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro

Beer Ambassador, LLC


Dark copper with orange highlights under a large orange pith hued head which slowly fades into a thin layer with a few arcs of lace. Swirls fluffy.


Pine sap and hop resin. Caramelized melba and bread crust underneath and in the back. Bittersweet whole apples in the middle. Grapefruit oils along the side.


Medium weight with a slick viscosity in the middle and along the sides. Dry finish of pine oils and hop resins. Sticky sweet caramel and toasted malt underneath along with a hint of apple skins. Grapefruit oils along the side. More pine and hop resins in the front.

Final Thoughts:

Quite the solid IPA from Boundary Bay, a brand new brewery to the Beer Ambassadors. Based on the tastiness of their Inside Passage Ale, we would like to enjoy more of their brews. Can anybody hook us up? Until then, keep brewing because you…

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