Don’t Be a Blockhead: Battling Pumpkin Beer So You Don’t Have To

This Is Why I'm Drunk


What a special time of year. Football is back, nature’s colors are (maybe) changing and pumpkin beer is in the fridge.

No time to worry about seasonal creep any more.

I’ve recently been lucky to come into contact with Lisa from Taste Cook Sip, a fellow pumpkin-head and beer enthusiast. After trading some emails, tweets and Untappd check-ins sharing our affinity for all things gourd, we wanted to offer a duel blog post highlighting a few pumpkin beers you may see hanging around your local bottle shops and grocery stores.

Our goal? We want to share our favorites and try to steer you away from some of the skunkier pumpkin beers out there. Using my handy pumpkin pie slice rating scale, we’ve done some of the “hard” work on four of this year’s pumpkin beer crop so you can find what you’re looking for.

I’m hosting two beers…

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