Beer Review: Four Peaks Peach Ale

The Arizona Brewnette

While the rest of the nation prepares for the cooler weather of fall with seasonal releases of pumpkin ales, Arizona continues to bask in the sunlight of triple digit temperatures accompanied with light beers. Fruity beers to be precise.

With the can release of Four Peaks Brewery‘s Peach Ale, the remainder of summer becomes a bit more bearable.

The initial pour releases a sweet aroma of peaches that is not overpowering. The color is golden with minimal head. The first taste welcomes the distinct peach flavor. The peach’s sweetness does not overwhelm the palette, but instead delivers a well balanced fruit flavor. According to Four Peaks website, there are nine IBUs which means there is minimal bitterness.

The absence of bitterness and the fruity content of Four Peaks Peach Ale makes it a great stepping stone into craft beer drinking for those who tend to shy away from beer…

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