Tasting Notes: Anchor: Steam Beer

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Alcohol And Aphorisms

Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor: Steam Beer (USA: California Common: 4.8% ABV)

Visual: Rudy red amber. Large off white tight bubbled froth head.

Nose: Bread and butter pudding. Mild glacier cherries. Mild citrus hops. Light raisin. Slight musty hops. Cinnamon. Suet.

Body: Half way between fizzy and frothy in feel. Prickly hops. Cinnamon and light cherry. Odd esters. Sparkling feel. A solid malt middle. Yeasty. Apricot.

Finish: Cinnamon. Dry hops. Dry feel, evaporation? Moderate bitterness. Barley cake. Champagne? Lemon. Smoke.

Conclusion: Now, after I have finished writing up the beer review, and have made my mind up, now I look at Anchor’s official description of the beer. They refer to the steam beer as “evanescent”. This is a) pretty much exactly the word I was struggling to find during the entire review and b) A word I’m not going to use now as I’ll be fucked if I’m using ad copy in my review.

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