Rev Smiley Comments On Belgium Beers

Beer Scribe Sully

Reporting of Rev Smiley’s Comments:

When I first returned to judging beer as a Recognized BJCP Judge earlier this year (2013), I volunteered for the privledge of judging The Belgian Ales: Golden Strong, Tripel, and Blond were the categories I judged April 27 at the Sasquatch Brew Fest in Eugene, Oregon. I volunteered because the best ale I’ve brewed since I began in 1992 was a Belgian Strong Ale which I brewed using a decoction mash in 1997, and fermented using a yeast culture from a bottle of Chimay; ’twas a wonder to consume, as it was a pleasure to all senses that celebrate good beer: appearance, aroma, flavor, mouth-feel, taste, and its overall delightfulness! A Chimay afficiando even told me that it was superior to Chimay; this was very flattering; my friends begged me to brew more of this.

With this brewing experience, and my love for Duvel…

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