Taking back Friday the 13th with Tart of Darkness

Bier Battered [.] com

beer_145153Well I am not a Knights Templar, or a drugged up horny teen-aged Camp Counselor, so I really shouldn’t have anything to fear from a Friday the 13th.

In fact, I think it is time we take it back!  So what better day to give Tart of Darkness a Review.  Darkness after all. Seems fitting.

This is a new 2013 vintage bottle.  Pouring a jet black, with a tight tiny tan head, like you would expect from any stout worth it’s salt.  Of course, that is about as close to a stout as this one comes.

The head faded pretty fast,  quickly settling into a tiny tan ring.  Lacing was, more or less, not happening with this one .  Nose is of sour cherries and of other fruits.

Sipping you instantly get hit with the sour cherry, plus for the first time I was able to pick up on the vinegar notes…

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