Lagunitas IPA

The Homebody

If you are looking for a pure West-Coast IPA experience you can hardly do better than Lagunitas. This is without a doubt one of the purest expressions of the style that both defines and enhances the definition of IPA. Personally I rarely seek out this IPA, because much like Sculpin I see it everywhere so I rarely order it. But if there was a time where I really needed just a pure IPA that left nothing to chance I would easily pick this one up.

Lagunitas IPA pours a very coppery gold that shines bright in the sun. No… seriously look at this:

LIPA is well hopped and plenty carbonated, leading to a nose that is easy to smell even when not close to the beer. On the nose there is pine, citrus, flowers, grass and just a hint of honey. The taste is similar with a very strong hop…

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