Beertography: Celebrating Our Malty Model of Fermentation

This Is Why I'm Drunk


I’ve never really considered myself an artistic person, at least in a classical sense.

Even though I provide photography and video production services for my Real Life Job, I’ve always thought of my abilities to be strictly tied to work itself. Rarely did I believe I had reason to share a picture with others unless it was something my boss asked me to do.

Then Instagram happened.

It wasn’t so much that it was a transformative realization that people are taking pictures all the time and sharing them. It was more the idea that all of a sudden, the way I look at things at work was easily transferred to my everyday life. It wasn’t a case where my eye was just glazing over at the world around me anymore. With a smartphone in my pocket, I was able to capture and manipulate the visuals that struck me as odd…

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