Going Gonzo for Porters!

ImageFlying Dog has some of the best art in craft beer. Period. And Gonzo, their imperial porter is proof of that. And yes, with this beer, its party time.


This beer with its high ABV is like a rush of malt to the brain. The bourbon wizards and vanilla fairies have blessed this blessed this beer with an amazing taste. Not only is their a hint of rum, yes sweet sweet rum, but also hops galore. There is so much taste in this beer your not sure what to do, so buy a six pack and call it good. This river of dark hoppy goodness should flow into your moth like the nectar of the gods, refreshing and reviving you from a hard days work. I cant wait to try the bourbon barrel aged versions. And I am planning on keeping a few and aging them making sure that little porter goblins dont steal them away from my cellar.

Until next time pour proper my friends.

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