Grovetoberfest 2013 keeps Miami craft beer lovers in mind

Busta's Mini Beer Blog

Lederhosen, sunglasses and flip flops never paired so well as at Grovetoberfest, the Coconut Grove based craft beer festival that will celebrate its third year on October 19 in Peacock Park.

Over 6,500 people were in attendance at last year’s fest, and event planners are upping the ante by adding an additional 50 beers making it an over-250-beer-sampling bonanza.

We here at the blog are pretty excited not only because of the mass quantity of fine brew that will flow through us that day but also by just having another opportunity to document the beginnings of Miami’s rise to beer infamy.

You can expect to see many of Miami’s most recent additions to the official world of brewing including Wynwood Brewing Co. and Gravity Brewlab; up-and-coming homebrewers 4th Age Brewing and Moron Brothers; and pours from your favorite established brewpubs like Titanic. The homebrews are expected…

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