Canned Beer Week – Day Six



I really do not understand this beer – on any level.

Firstly, what is it with the name “Tun”? I presume it’s meant to be some sort of oblique reference to “mash tun” but, given that the target market for a macro lager would have no idea what that was, it seems very weird.

Then there’s the flavour which, to me, was like someone took a bog standard lager and poured a bit of apple cider into it. I’ve not seen it mentioned in other reviews of this beer but I got a quite noticeable sweetness – and not what I’d class as a malty sweetness either. More like a sugary sweetness.

And then there’s the economies of scale in making the beer. See, Tun is made in the USA. But it doesn’t seem to be something that’s on the market over there because elsewhere on the can it says…

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