Review: Bru

Brew Brahs

BrewerBeyond the Pale Brewing Company (Featuring Square Timber Brewing Co)
Brewed in: Ottawa, ON
Percentage: 5.1%
FoundBeyond the Pale Brewing Company


Since my co-editor is working closely with the good folks over at BTP, we thought it be best he take an unbiased step away from reviewing their brews (but not from drinking them!). However as a product of the Ottawa Valley – just like Square Timber – I feel that I am qualified to take this one on.

If you’ve never heard of Square Timber, the Beer Gypsy has a great spotlight article on them here. Coles Notes: they are a new brewery opening in Pembroke under Marc Bru (hence the name of this beer). I presume he entered the beer business after his blog “Bru Brahs” became wildly successful and provided the necessary start up capital for a small…

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