How (and Where) We Search for Beer – What Happened in 2009?

This Is Why I'm Drunk

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Over the past few weeks I’ve spent some time researching how people are looking up beer. Specifically, I’ve been trying to delve into what has dominated Google searches around the country as well as the terminology of beer searches.

In both posts, one thing clearly stood out – the searches for “craft beer” exploded in 2009, most notably in the Northeast. Searches for “microbrew” declined around the same time, showing people clearly had a preference for how they were identifying non-macro beer.

… and it kept me thinking: Why?

That’s why I’m digging further into the question this week, offering up a few more posts dissecting the early “craft beer” search trend. I want to see if I can narrow things down a bit to find out why 2009 was such a catalyst year. As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions, too.

Before we jump into the…

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