Brewing in a rowhouse often requires brew in a bag


When I first started brewing I did several batches with extract and steeping grains on my stovetop. Then I wanted to try all grain and enter a competition. Problem — I live in a Philly rowhouse with no yard and very little outdoor property. So I looked into using the brew in a bag method. With this method you do the mash in your brew pot without having a separate mash-tun. It helps to save on having extra equipment and lets you do smaller batches on your stovetop if you’d like. I like to use it to make 3 gallon batches. This is a great way to get into all grain brewing with a relatively small investment. A bag usually only costs around 10 dollars. I will explain how it works. This will not be an elaborate discussion of how the mash works. That’s the subject of a different post…

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