Danny’s Gold Mine ~ Funkwerks

Beer Ambassador, LLC


Mucky browns under a bubbly tan head which fades with patches of khaki lace. Swirls with a ton of lace.


Spicy right off the nose. Dark pitted fruits and old wine. Smoke, tobacco, and char. Rum in the back. Black cake.


Spicy, meaty, leathery, nutty, and pitty – dry mouth-parching tannins galore. Bakers chocolate, raisins, and black bread soaked in rum. Cigar leaf underneath. Burnt honeycomb.

Final Thoughts:

This was a truly intriguing beer for me and ultimately I ended up liking it quite a lot. Rich, complex, parching, and almost of another time, an older time of Gentleman’s Clubs, cigars, and martinis. Unfortunately for all my readers out there, this beer is retired and no longer in production.


(An original written work by Beer Ambassador, LLC. Plagiarism is not tolerated.)

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