Festina Peche – The Dog(fish Head) Days of Summer

The Dogs of Beer

Ok, only two more beers to go for this roundup of DFH beers, and I’ll be honest gentle readers, this one has me a little scared.  Oh not because it’s some “totally out there” beer like Rocky Mountain Oyster beer or Beard beer.  No, the beer in question is a simple fruit beer.  Why the dread?  Because so many people LOVE this beer.

So far I haven’t gotten a lot of negativity during this.  I figured once I started poking DFH with a stick, the millions (AND MILLIONS!) of the brewery’s fans would gather and demand to know why I rated their particular beer so low.  But so far the only thing that’s happened is two guys on Reddit stated that they loved Midas Touch, and another guy asked which ancient ales I preferred over Midas Touch.  When I told him, he kindly thanked me for the information.  That’s criticism…

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