A Foundation of Firsts

Literature and Libation

Life is one massive chain of first experiences, each of which defines a life, personality, and career.

First air taken deep into infantile lungs. First vibrations of vocal chords to mewl an announcing cry to the world. First soft caress of a warm blanket on cold, pale skin. First eye-to-eye contact with a woman and unconditional love, a man and a role model.

First pets of the silky fur and listens to the silky purr of the family cat. First tastes of ice creams and cakes, first jubilant celebration of yearly maturation. First days of kindergarten in those brightly colored halls, first argument over construction paper, first lesson in sharing and social conscience.

First falls from bikes and skateboards, first hospital visits, first fractures. First sleepovers with hushed whispers of crushes and curses, first explorations into friendship, secrets, trust. First bright red uniform with name and number on the backā€¦

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