Dust Bowl Brewing “Hops Of Wrath” India pale Ale

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From the Brewery: IMG_2484

“Hops of Wrath – a tribute to the strong willed, gritty people of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression era. Inspired by the families who came west in search of a new start as well as those who stayed behind to weather the storm. This is a great beer born of hard times.” 6.6% India Pale Ale

Purchased from The Fort in Fresno, California.

The Pour: IMG_2485

Poured from a 22 oz bomber into my stemmed ale glass. A pretty clear beer, amber orange in color, very similar to apple juice. An off-white bubbly head is poured, which leaves good lacing. Moderate carbonation is visible.

The Nose: IMG_2486

Light tropical fruit citrus and floral hops, mixed with candied sweet malts. Nothing overpowering, but it smells pretty good.

The Mouth: IMG_2487

Medium thin body with a good amount of carbonation noticeable in the mouthfeel. The initial flavor is a combination of…

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