Beer That Won’t Give You a Hangover Isn’t Much of a Beer

It ain’t worth nothing if t don’t cost anything.

Beer & Whiskey Brothers


Australia is a country of extremes – their alcoholic sports fans bury beer a week before racing events to circumvent the 24-cans-per-day limit, and their spiders are terrifying

But this story from reveals a different side of Australian extremism, because the “no hangover” beer they’ve developed Down Under is extremely silly, for exactly 2.3 reasons.

That’s the ABV of the beer that researchers at Griffith University’s Health Institute in Queensland have concocted to provide “a third more hydration” than a typical 4.8 percent ABV Australian beer. 

While 33 percent more hangover-preventing hydration per beer sounds nice, it begs two important questions:

a) Who the hell wants to bother with a 2.3% ABV beer?

b) Why not just drink a 12 ounce glass of water with every “typical” beer you throw back and get double the hydration?


The answers are as follows:

a) Not me.

b) because SCIENCE!

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