A history of Coopers



Jolly Good Ale and Old – Coopers Brewery 1862-2012
Alison Painter, Tim Cooper and Rob Linn
Published by Coopers Brewery

One of many things I’ve learned in my two decades as a journalist is this – just because you have a lot of information doesn’t mean you need to use it all in your story. I might have reams of quotes from an interview subject but using most or all of them just tends to bog the story down in detail.

I was reminded of this when reading the second half of this official story of the Adelaide-based Coopers Brewery. What is indeed a worthwhile purchase for any Australian beer scholar, the beautifully-designed book covers the brewery’s history from when Thomas Cooper started up his brewery a few short years after arriving in Australia to last year. That story is told over 309 pages, the years 1852-1970 are dealt with…

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