IPA Week Day 2: Boulder Brewing Company Hazed and Infused

Such a classic IPA!

The Homebody

“Wow Ryan, first you review a pale ale for your so-called ‘ipa week’, and now you are reviewing a dry-hopped amber ale? What kind of horrible journalist are you?”

One who enjoys beer. Boom.

Boulder Brewing Company out of Colorado makes some incredible beers. Their Mojo and Mojo Risin are some of the best you can buy right now, and if you ever see one of those beer at a bar on nitro you need to buy one immediately. Hazed and Infused is a different offering- a dry-hopped amber that takes on the flavors and bite of an IPA but with the body of an amber. What you end up drinking is a delicious, hearty and flavorful beer that leaves many IPAs in the dust.


When a beer is dry-hopped the brewer will add hops into the fermenting vessel for multiple days, thus imparting huge hop flavor into the…

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Belgian Beer in the Land of Tea

This is a great article on something that #america has yet to understand: craft beer outside of #america. Yes it exists and thrives in small beautiful communities.


La SalamandreIt is a truth universally acknowledged – in Wan Chai, at any rate – that a single man walking down Lockhart Road at night-time must be in want of a nice Filipina lady friend to be the Suzie Wong to his Robert Lomax. Hong Kong’s most persistent mama-sans will tug at your sleeve, trying to persuade you into their lap-dancing bars, where smiling young women from Manila or Luzon (so I am told) will attempt to get you to buy them drinks, at HK$300 – £25 – a time.

But while the image many people have of Hong Kong’s bar scene is probably based on Wan Chai’s pole-dancing clubs and places like the Old China Hand, where homesick expats can watch Six Nations rugby while washing down a full English breakfast with a pint of Stella, in fact the former colony’s drinking places are far more diverse and, sometimes…

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#bbc13 is going on right now

Be sure to check out what is going on at the Beer Bloggers Conference 2013. Great stuff going on there.